The House



The name hails from the rainbows projected through the house daily as the sun sets, through a West-facing beveled glass window. Built on a half acre in the Parkrose Neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, Prism House is an old farmhouse that has built up charm and a special positive energy over its existence.

Rumor has it, in 1915 the house was built & loved by the local dairy farmer. The original barn burned down and the house was sold to Aldo Rossi sometime in the early 40’s. In 1951 the house was sold to, as Parkrose natives know them as, The Z’s. The Z’s are a wonderful husband and wife who raised 6 children and were active members in the Parkrose Community. In their 90’s with all of the children in homes of their own, they decided to sell in 2014.

Chris & Sam Montanaro (with their son, Carmine, and dog, Cohen) excitedly bought the house in November 2014 with intentions of doing renovation projects for years to come, creating an urban farm, and filling the home with good times & great people.