Parkrose Neighborhood Street Mural


The Parkrose Neighborhood Association is sponsoring this community event.
Samantha Montanaro of Prism House, a woman-owned business located in Parkrose,
designed the mural and will be overseeing the community painting event for a reduced fee.

Parkrose Hardware has offered a 25% discount for all supplies purchased at their store.
Last Call Delivery Boyz will provide food for the event if enough funds are raised. One of the Last Call owners lives in the Parkrose Neighborhood.

The event will include the painting of a mural at the intersection of NE 109 th and Skidmore on the pavement. The mural was voted on by people who live and work in the Parkrose community. The Surveymonkey survey was completed in February 2018 where 60% of the 127 votes chose the Compass (Park)rose design out of three options.
Once completed, it will be the first street mural in outer northeast Portland and the second in East Portland. There are currently 51 authorized pavement murals in Portland.

The goal of this event and enduring mural will be to add to the sense of pride for our Parkrose community and to create a walking destination in our neighborhood which has few walking destinations.

The event will take place on July 21, 2018 with a back-up date of August 18. The mural will take most of the day to paint. People are welcome to spend the entire day helping or just drop by for a few minutes to chat or help.

The mural will be paid for by the community through crowdfunding. The link to the
crowdfunding page is The costs include the artist’s fee, paint, supplies, permits and food. The paint is the largest cost for three reasons. First, we need to use special pavement marking paint with additives per City of Portland requirements. Second, the pavement will soak up a lot of the paint and third, the mural has so many colors. If we do not raise the funds via crowdfunding, we will investigate secondary funding options.

Donations are tax-deductible as the Parkrose Neighborhood Association is a non-profit. If you donate, please follow up with an email to so we can be sure to get you a letter for your tax records.

The approval process through the City of Portland has been very rigorous. We were required to meet their design criteria and have done so. We also had to get signatures from the four adjacent residents and signatures from a resident of 80% of addresses within 400 feet of the mural for a total of 40 signatures. This step has been completed. We also need a Street Closure Permit and Revocable Permit to Use Dedicated Street Area. Both permits are in process will be completed before the event date.