Join us for an exciting new cooking class featuring hands on exploration of responsible and playful cannabis cookery called KIND + FARE!

2PM – 7PM

KIND + FARE is a creative collaboration between Leather Storrs and Samantha Montanaro. Learn to cook using our favorite herb with an emphasis on flavor, not potency. There will be specific demonstrations on infusing cannabis into fats and alcohol, giving you the tools to understand how pot works with foods. In addition to specific formulae, the class will include fundamental cooking techniques applicable to a broad range of recipes, as well as sampling of our own work! KIND + FARE aims to offer a really fun, interactive and hilarious learning experience, all while demonstrating useful skills to create gourmet edibles.

Leather Storrs is a long time cannabis enthusiast eager to ascend to the position of “Pot Professional”. He is the chef and co-owner of Noble Rot, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, the winner of Food Network’s “Extreme Chef”, a storyteller, husband and father.

Class FLOW
We will be preparing three dishes that we will enjoy during this workshop. The class will be separated into three groups, each of which will prepare one course. Upon arrival, you will be greeted with a beverage and snacks. We will discuss the recipes and Leather will detail and demonstrate both fat and alcohol infusions. We will then break into groups and prepare the three recipes. Sam and Leather will bounce between groups answering questions, cracking jokes and assisting when necessary! Dinner is a good time to revisit the recipes, talk about what we’ve learned and giggle. Guests will leave (safely) with a recipe pamphlet, leftovers and a happily glazed expression. Bring comfortable shoes and clothes that can get messy and of course, be ready to work!

Due to social consumption regulations, this class is BYOCannabis. Please bring about 3 grams of your favorite strain. If you have questions about what strain to purchase, please email Sam at


* We have very limited seating available for this 21 and over event. If you would like to schedule a private group, contact Samantha at