Social Consumption of Cannabis in Portland

Last night, Prism House became the 3rd home for the monthly, Oregon Cannabis Industry Meet Up: a gathering of professionals from all sectors of Cannabis. Hosted the 3rd Tuesday of each month, members come together to share information about the latest changes in legislation, tips and tricks of the trades and network all while enjoying a BYOCannabis dab bar, fresh squeezed lemonade and delicious snacks. Truly a wonderful event where businesses and friendships are formed, progressive ideas are shared and a good time is had. They have been nomads due to Portland’s ever-changing social-consumption policy enforcement.

Madeline Martinez of the World Famous Cannabis Cafe, as a guest speaker last night, shared some of the latest developments with the city’s attempt to ban not only cafes but now ticketed events with responsible adult Cannabis consumption. We are all asking the same question: “Where can people gather legally to consume Cannabis?” Tokers have been inside, hiding their consumption (whichever form they prefer) forever. Now that Cannabis is legal, it is time to give people a place to gather and meet others who enjoy Cannabis also.

The Office of Neighborhood Involvement is in command of the city’s marijuana policy, and on May 13th, Portland was notified of the new enforcement. We are here at Prism House to offer a private and safe place for residents, tourists and canna-loving adults to come and experience the legal Cannabis culture. As much as we would love to, we cannot just throw parties and pay for them out-of-pocket. We have to charge a fee at most of our events to cover the costs of the space, utilities and supplies. There is no way around this. We can change our lingo – becoming members only… or donations only… to be legal enough to continue doing what we do, but this is ridilculous. The legislation NEEDS to regulate social consumption in a way that allows people to legally gather.

JOIN US TONIGHT, Wednesday May 18th from 6-7:30pm at Portland City Hall at 1221 SW 4th Avenue in the Lovejoy Room for the monthly ONI Marijuana Policy Oversight meeting to voice our concerns for the city’s harsh crack down on social consumption. Prism House will be there with some others to express our concerns and desires to host beautiful Cannabis events.


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