Take a Trip: Explore the Unconscious Mind

SUNDAY MAY 15th 7-9pm


Discover the Healing Nature of Hypnosis, combined with the nurturing, introspective and regenerative properties of Cannabis. Come relax … deeply … comfortably. Unwind. Let go of stress & worries while enjoying a journey of the senses. Janine O uses positive hypnotic suggestions & natural imagery to guide you on an inner journey. You’ll learn simple and effective relaxation techniques, and visualizations designed to enhance your sense of well-being.
This group hypnosis session is designed to harmonize mind, body and heart.

… a tune up for your mind and body
… welcoming into the gentle healing energy
… allowance of your innate wisdom to flower
… peace of mind
… rejuvenation
… support of health & well being
… enjoyment of the journey

This class will meet capacity at 10 people, for an intimate environment. Wear comfortable clothes and just bring the desire to experience something transformational.

Janine O is a certified hypnotherapist, community activist & organic gardener. She has been practicing meditation and yoga for 35 years.

*** This event is 21 and over


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