Homeschooler’s Breakdancing Session

Our 7 year old, Carmine, LOVES to dance. His fast footwork, parkour moves off the couch and love of music has inspired our desire to offer a dance class at Prism House. A conversation on a Facebook Group for unschoolers resulted in the launch of this Breakdancing class and we could not be more excited!

Whether your child is looking to pick up a few moves, get some exercise, meet new people or just have a lot of fun, we’ve got it all here for you! Join us for Homeschooler’s Breakdancing Session!

The cost of this session is $30 for 3 classes.

Ages 5 – 12

1:00 – 2:00pm
Class #1: Saturday April 9th
Class #2: Saturday April 23rd
Class #3: Saturday May 14th

A little bit about the teacher:

Eric Earle’s Breakdancing career began in college at Portland State University (PSU) with a somewhat random goal to dance every single day for one year. Upholding his mission, after months of Hip Hop classes, Eric soon began taking classes in Salsa, Electro, Tango, and so much more. After trying some dance clubs through school, PSU’s Breakdancing club is where Eric learned and fell in love with breakdance. He was mesmerized by the “top rock” — one of the three elements of breakdance.

While living abroad in Santiago, Chile, Eric joined a breakdancing crew. He practiced with his crew in Santiago often and began training for competitions. Eric competed in his first breakdancing battle in Chile. He and crew soon started dancing in more and more competitions. Years after starting Breakdancing, Eric still loves and practices the dance regularly. So much so, that while studying abroad in New Zealand Eric pursued studies in Dance Pedagogy. This intensive course taught him the methods, philosophy, and practice behind effective dance teaching. During the course, Eric had the opportunity to develop his teaching skills to classrooms full of college students.

Now back in Portland, Eric is an entrepreneuer at! He is excited to teach students his passion, Breakdancing!

Follow the link above to register your child for this super fun class!


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