Connected Parenting Meet Ups

Do you have a challenging child that has behavior you struggle with? Are you tired of yelling or always using bribes/consequences to get the behavioral result you desire?

ME TOO. Ha! Parenting is hard! And sometimes I feel like I am just not sure what to do to get the behavioral result I’d like to see… without losing my mind. I met Emily Troper at a park meet up for Unschoolers in the summer of 2015, when we were researching education alternatives for our spirited 6 year old. Since then, our journey has changed so much, in very positive ways, thanks to knowledge and resources Emily and others have brought forth via Facebook Groups and gatherings. I am absolutely thrilled to provide a space for those looking for the same thing: a (for the most part) happy home and relationship with happy children who become happy adults!


Sunday, February 28th from 2-4pm
A Screening of Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn

Every 2nd Wednesday of each month starting on March 9th from 6:30 -8:30pm
Connected Parenting Meet Up

Connected Parenting focuses on respectfully and effectively parenting young children without the use of punishments or conditional rewards.

We will look at challenging behaviors in a new way (discovering underlying needs and goals, and how those young brains function), and participants will go home with practical skills to add to their parenting toolbox.

Our monthly meetings will include discussion and examples about respectful limit setting, developmental norms, listening to feelings, empathy, and other ways to avoid being either an authoritarian or a permissive parent.

Emily Troper is the mother of four children (ranging from 11-24 years old), and a former preschool teacher. She co-facilitated the Connected Parenting intro class and support series in Portland for 9 years and is primarily influenced by the work of Pam Leo, Alfie Kohn, Aletha Solter, and Larry J. Cohen.


2 thoughts on “Connected Parenting Meet Ups

  1. Are these monthly gatherings happening? I am interested in coming. I am not on Facebook, so can’t connect that way. Please email me any info about the Connected Parenting groups.


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