Happy New Year & Upcoming Events!

Happy New Year, everyone! 2015 was hands down one of the best years yet! Many years of hard work, ideas, growth, mistakes, inspirations, ups + downs and dreams culminated into Prism House becoming a legit business in 2015 and we couldn’t feel more blessed. The direction for my own purpose on this beautiful Earth, aside from being a wife + mother, became clear and for this I am over the moon in happiness. I am most thankful for these opportunities that I have and for the amazing people whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know better this year.

2016 is certainly going to be a wonderful year with lots of opportunities for fun, growth and connection. The theme of my goals for 2016 are Community + Art + Spirituality + Music. Stay tuned for gatherings around these themes, open to all who look to connect on a deeper level. We are always looking to collaborate + create, making ideas come to life.

Because we didn’t go to our roots for the holidays, we are taking a trip to Illinois & Wisconsin for most of the month of Jan to visit family + friends. We are looking forward to Windy City fun and the winter wonderland of Up North! See you when we return! Cheers!


Saturday Jan 30th   7-9pm
Get Tickets HERE

Saturday Feb 6th    2-4pm
Get Tickets HERE


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