About Us

Our mission is to provide services we love to do and to offer comprehensive services for a variety of positive, progressive and uplifting gatherings. Our passions lie within creativity, nature, community and wellness and we make efforts  to reflect our passions and experiences in the work we do and in the events we host everywhere!

Prism House is especially known for curating community events and one of a kind 21 and over cannabis-friendly events. From dinner parties and meet ups to festivals and retreats, Prism House is in on Portland’s event scene. Contact us for more information on what we are doing and how we can help you create a gatherings to suit your every need and more.


Co-Curator of Tokeativity, Chair of Historic Parkrose

Samantha Montanaro is a chicken lovin’ multi-media artist, graphic designer, event coordinator, gardener, musician and mom. After moving to Parkrose in 2014, Samantha opened her business, Prism House, which offers a variety of services including full spectrum graphic design, event coordination and urban farming. Vegetables, fruits, eggs and flowers from the grounds of Sam’s home personalize and enhance her events and her love of the local community make all feel welcome. As a medical cannabis patient and plant medicine advocate, Sam is passionate about normalizing plant medicine. In 2017 Sam partnered up with Lisa Snyder, the founder of Tokeativity, a cannabis event series for women. Lisa and Sam’s intention is to nurture a safe space for women to create, learn and connect. They currently host events in Portland, OR and will soon be expanding to other cities and states!

Samantha joined the board of Historic Parkrose in 2015 and became the Chair of Historic Parkrose in July of 2017. Samantha is the Historic Parkrose representative on the board of directors of Venture Portland as of 2017 and is passionate about helping create a greater sense of community and positivity in Portland – her favorite city in the world!

Photo by brianacerezo.com


The best dog in the world. When you meet him you will know why. His name is Cohen.

Photo by Hayes Peterson





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